V.U.C.A & Digital Transformation

A great model we’ve used recently in sessions pertaining to leading > responding > managing in V.U.C.A (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) times.

The model makes you think how we can embrace Digital to ‘deal with’ V.U.C.A, capitalise on opportunities, overcome the competition and maximise the value creation zone.

Digital transformation is a great way of powering areas such as communication/ marketing, production, connectivity and maximising ROI from people/processes/tech.

As Digital leaders we must embrace V.U.C.A and make this the new digital normality. Continuous agile innovation that drives organisation wide change will be key for all brands.

I (Paul Morris) studied a mini MBA on Digital Innovation 2 years ago hence for further reading please see my articles on how the 5 V’s and HINGE can provide frameworks for dealing with a VUCA world.

And so it begins

Digital Marketing & eCommerce eXperts. Be helpful. Be Honest. Give a damn. Get shit done. and so it begins 🙂

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Customer Lifecycle Touchpoints

To improve integrated marketing it’s useful to understand the paid/owned/earned ecosystem + customer touchpoints for online & offline… Overview: Awareness – This is when the likes

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